How do I enter the forum?

How do I register for an account on the forum?

How do I activate my account?

How do I modify / create my profile and preferences?

How do I log onto the site?

How do I set up forum notifications?

How do I navigate the forum?

How do I post on the forum?

How do I reply to a post?

How do I quote a post in my response?

How do I report an inappropriate post?

How do I get a notification of a response to my post?

How do I view unread posts?

How do I view replies to my post?

How do I view my own posts?

How do I send private messages?

How do I know when I have a private message?

How do I search for a topic on the forum?

What other features can I use on the forum?

How do I get info about your free prescription card?

How do I find other informational pages on the site?

How do I collapse or expand boxes I do not want to view on the site?

How do I share SSDFacts with other people?

What do the different member badges, information and colors mean?

Where can I read the rules and etiquette for the forum?

Who can I contact if I have a question?



  •  To enter the Forum from our Home Page, click the Forum tab on the upper right.


 * The blue tabs to the left of the Forum tab will take you to additional Social Security topics.



How to Register:

  • Clicking on the Forum tab will take you to this screen. At the top left corner of the page, you will see the following Options: Home Page - Forum - Latest Topics - Help - Contact Us - Login - Register



  • Click on Register.


  • Here you will create a username and password. You will need both whenever you sign in. You will also be asked to “Agree” to the terms of using the site.



  • This screen will appear. A registration email will be sent to your email address after you have submitted all of the Required Information.


Activating your Account:


  • The following registration confirmation notification will be sent to the email address you used to register onto the site.


  • You must click on the link in the email to activate your account.


Activating your Account: (cont.)

  •  Congratulations! After clicking on the link in the email, your account will be confirmed and you will be allowed to log in and post on the forum.



  • Once your account has been activated, you will create your Profile.


Creating and Modifying Your Profile:

  • To the far left of the screen under Modify Profile, you can set up and manage the following: Your Account Related Settings, Forum Profile Information, Look and Layout, Preferences, and Personal Message Options.


  • This is theAccount Related Settingsscreen.



This is the Forum Profile Informationscreen.



  • In Account Related Settings: This page holds all critical information that identifies you on this forum. For security reasons, you will need to enter your password to make changes to this information.

  •  In Forum Profile Information: You can enter or change your personal information. You can also select an Avatar, enter in a personal text that will appear on all of your posts, and type in other information such as your state, disability, and etc. This information will be displayed throughout Social Security Disability Facts Forum. You can enter in as much information as you would like. If you aren't comfortable with sharing information, simply skip it. Nothing here is required. 


  • In Look and Layout Preferences: You can customize the look and layout of the forum.


  • In Notifications and Email: You can choose to be notified of replies to posts, newly posted topics, and forum announcements. You can change those settings here, or oversee the topics and boards you are currently receiving notifications for. 


  • In Personal Message Options: Other members of Social Security Disability Facts Forum can contact you personally, but sometimes you may want to ignore someone's messages. This page allows you to set that, among other things such as saving a copy your outgoing messages to your Outbox and setting up new message notifications.


  • After you have created your Profile, click on the “Change profile” at the bottom of the page to save your entries.


  •  You can come back to this screen at any time to Modify your Profile Information.


  • This is the Look and Layout Preferences screen.




  • This is the Notifications and Email screen.




  • And finally, this is the Personal Message Options screen.






Logging Into the Site:


  • The two most common ways to log in are: At the top of the Forum page where it says “Login”.



  • Or on the left side of the screen under the User section.



Forum Settings: How to Be Notified of New Posts, Topics, or Forum Announcements


  • On the Profile screen, click on the box next to the notifications you would like to receive. Your notifications will appear via email.



Navigating the Forum:

  • Clicking on the Forum tab will take you to this screen. At the top left corner of the page, you will see the following Options: Home Page - Forum - Latest Topics - Help - Contact Us - Login - Register




Forum Features: Posting


  • How to Start a New Topic/Thread: Click on New Topic.




  • Clicking on New Topic will take you here.


  • Here you can fill in the subject and comment box with a question or comment. You can then click Preview, Spell Check, or Post. 

  • Clicking on Additional Options at the bottom left corner of the comment box will reveal this drop-down menu. Here, you can select more options for posting.




  • Important Note: Please refrain from inserting any links when posting unless they are government or non-profit. Also, please check with the Administrator before attempting to upload any photos or attachments.

  • How to Insert “Smileys” and other Emoticons: Here, you will also be able to select smileys, choose font sizes and colors, and other features.



  •  Additional Emoticons: Clicking on “[more]” will take you to a screen with additional emoticons which will give your posts some personality!




  • After creating your message, you can Preview, Spell Check, and then Post it to the Forum.


  • How to Reply to a Post: Click the Reply button.




  • This will take you to a screen where you can reply to a post.





 to  How to insert a Quote from another Member's post: If you would like to include part of another member's post, click on “Quote” at the top of the post you wish to quote. This will copy the post into your reply. Then, simply type your response underneath it.



  • How to Report an Unsuitable or Abusive Post to a Moderator: Occasionally, someone will submit a post that violates SSDFACTS' Forum Rules. To report an incident, please click on “Report to moderator.”




  • You will be taken to this screen where you will be asked to enter a comment explaining the abusive post. Please do not be afraid to do this. Your information will be kept confidential.



  • Enter your comment and click on the “Submit” button. This will notify a Moderator and the post will be (modified) or (deleted).


         Forum Features: Notifications


  • How to be Notified when someone posts a new comment: Click on the Notify button at either the top or bottom of the thread you are watching. You will be notified via email of any new posts to that thread.

  •  You can also manage your notifications in your profile to the far left of the screen under

Account Related Settings/Notifications and Email (See above).




             Forum Features: Viewing Unread Posts


  • How to View New (Unread) Posts: To the left of the screen under your User name, click on “Show unread”. This will take you to a list of posts that you have not yet viewed.




  • How to View Replies: To the left of the screen under your User name, click on “Show replies”. This will take you to a list of list of threads you posted on, but have not yet viewed.




  • How to View your Own Posts: Click on “Show own posts”.





  • You will be taken to a screen where you can view all of your own posts to the forum.





Forum Features: Private Messaging (PM)


  • How to Send a Private Message (“PM”) to A Forum Member: Click on PM: under your User name.




  • You will be sent to this screen. Here, you can create a message and send it to a Forum Member by typing in the first few letters of their Member Name in the “To:” field.





  • Or: You can click on the “IM icon underneath the Member's Avatar.




  • Or: You can click on a Member's Forum Name which will take you into this section of their profile.



  • Click on a Member's Forum Name which will take you into this section of their profile.


  • Click on: “Send this member a personal message.”


  • How to Retrieve a Private Message (“PM”) from A Forum Member: When you get a new Private Message, your PM count will appear in bold type and the number of New messages will also appear in bold type under PM”. Click on PM to retrieve any new messages.



  • You can Quote, Reply, or Delete an incoming message once inside your PM folder.


Forum Features: Search


  • How to do a Search for Information on the Site: Type a word or words you would like more information on in the Search Box and click on Search. (You can also choose the Advanced search option for a more detailed search.)





  • It will take you to posts containing information from key words in your Search.



Forum Features and Additional Site Information


  • On the far right of the screen under Stats”, you can see which Forum Members are currently online.


  • On the far left of the screen, you can see what Recent topics are being discussed.




  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a drop down menu. It will appear after you click on “Jump to”. Here you can move from one area of the forum to another.




  • A Free Prescription Drug Discount Card is also available and is complimentary for those visiting the site.  It can be used with or without insurance and saves our members thousands a year.  





  • Navigating the Blue Tabs


  • Across the screen below you will see a series of tabs. Starting from left to right they are:


[ Home | Statistics & Contacts | SSA Forms & Info | Resources | FAQs | Back Pay Calculators | About SSDFacts | Forum ]



  • The following screenshots will show the drop-down menus within each of the blue tabs. Please take a moment to scan through each tab on your own as there is much more valuable information and resources within them.



  • SSA Forms & Info




  • Resources




  • Back Pay Calculators




  • About SSDFacts




  • And Forum




Additional Features: Expand/Collapse


  • How to Expand/Collapse the Search and Stats: To Collapse: Click the minus sign on the top right of the box you want to minimize. To Expand: Click the plus sign that appears.




Additional Features: Social Networking


  • Social Networking links: Please feel free to share any helpful information you have found on this site with others by using the Social Networking buttons. SSDFACTS.com is run by and supported by individuals who can relate to what is involved in the SSA process. It is the aim of SSDFACTS.com to let others know that they are not alone in their journey.



Member Identification and Badges


  • Above the Avatar you selected, you will see the words “People helped” and a number next to it. This number represents the number of individuals who have benefited from posts you have either created or responded to. SSDFACTS is committed to seeing that its forum members receive the most accurate and helpful Social Security Information that there is. These numbers reflect the appreciation of its participants.


  • Other information that may appear above your Avatar and depending on your settings are your Username, Title, Badge, Gender, and Number of Posts. Members who donate to the site will receive an additional badge of “Donator.” as well as a different color on the list.  Moderators will have an additional “Mod Sqad” badge identifying who they are and their name will be colored on the list. There may be additional identifying information above or underneath the Moderators' Avatars.




Member Identification and Badges (cont.)




There are different badges for each level.

Starting out as a Copper member, the levels work like this:




Note: The more you post, the higher you move up on the ladder. So post away!


There is also a DONATOR badge.

As a token of appreciation, members who donate toward the running of the site

will receive one of these as well.



And finally, there is the MOD SQUAD badge.

You will be able to identify the site's Moderators by this badge.




Here is an important link to the SSDFacts Forum Etiquette, outlining basic rules and tips for our members: http://ssdfacts.com/forum/index.php/topic,7565.0.html


Please do not hesitate to send us a Private Message (PM) if you have any problems navigating the site or any other concerns. For problems signing in or questions, you can send an email to: admin@ssdfacts.com


Again, welcome! We're glad you are here.