SSDFacts has grown so quickly in the past year it has exceeded all expectations. We now have over 12,000 members with more joining each and every day. Our website and forum are dedicated to helping people that are applying for, or currently on, Social Security Disability. That is all we do. You will not find a more targeted audience anywhere on the net.


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Month Site Usage Traffic Sources
Page Views Visits New Visitors Pages/ Visit Time on Site Direct Search Engine Referring
Apr-12 218,905 28,424 9,157 7.70 10:44 20.70% 59.21% 20.08%
May-12 211,273 30,735 10,481 6.87 9:10 19.91% 61.87% 18.23%
Jun-12 191,661 30,930 11,708 6.20 8:35 17.90% 65.10% 17.01%
Jul-12 211,035 32,152 13,304 6.56 8:49 17.22% 68.79% 14.00%
Aug-12 242,086 33,719 14,055 7.18 9:52 18.61% 65.52% 15.87%
Sep-12 256,876 33,755 13,522 7.61 9:49 21.64% 62.98% 15.39%
Oct-12 279,201 38,698 15,819 7.22 9:30 24.91% 61.27% 13.82%
Nov-12 246,974 35,739 14,724 6.91 9:54 23.18% 62.53% 14.29%
Dec-12 260,701 36,779 14,155 7.09 10:21 23.91% 61.34% 14.74%
Jan-13 334,550 44,536 18,036 7.51 10:23 23.84% 63.40% 12.75%
Feb-13 328,588 43,309 16,069 7.59 11:15 25.42% 60.79% 13.79%
Mar-13 319,329 46,942 18,813 6.80 9:10 25.77% 59.75% 14.49%
Apr-13 327,328 47,439 19,651 6.90 9:35 27.25% 58.73% 14.01%
May-13 312,515 49,763 20,880 6.28 8:26 27.25% 59.82% 12.92%



With the site’s success have come unexpected issues and expenses. Our server load has increased dramatically and we will soon be forced to move to a dedicated server.


It is very important to us that we keep the site free of charge for our members. However the increased cost will soon become prohibitive for us to continue to pay out of pocket.


Many of you have contacted us to tell us how much time our forms have saved you or how great the information is that we offer. We just hope you find it valuable enough to contribute to the expense of providing it.


You can help defer the costs of running SSDFacts


Many of our members have asked how to locate Disability attorneys. Although we do not make recommendations, we have opened a limited amount of advertising space. The options for this can be viewed below:


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We also accept donations to help with the operating costs of the site. They can be made via PayPal to


I know that we are all working towards the same goal in helping those applying for disability benefits. The difference is our site does not profit from the information we provide and that is why we are asking for your assistance moving forward.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we appreciate that you care enough about your clients to come here. We are always open to your ideas and thoughts at 




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Forum Page

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Forms Page

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SSA Headquarters / Regions 110 (Group Price)


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There is space available for five Sidebar ads per page, located to the left. Pricing varies by popularity of page, and position at top of Sidebar is on a first-come, first-served basis. Available pages are the same as the Banner Ad.


 Directory Listing


Directory Listings are available on each of the State Information pages. Only ten Top/Bold listings are available per state, with position at the top on a first-come, first-served basis. There is unlimited space available for standard listings, which will appear alphabetically.


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