I followed all of YOUR advice in filling out application, supplying forms, filling out Function form, calling DDS office, etc. The thanks all go out to you and this wonderful board!! The DDS caseworker told my hubby it was the most well organized application she had EVER seen in over 15 years of service. She said the records, forms, etc were the reason it was approved so fast. She said I answered every question with evidence. I had included the impairments from the Blue Book, then showed medical reports, MRI reports and Dr. reports to every part of the Blue Book listing we were applying under. She also told my hubby his approval was some record as he wasn't applying under an emergency condition. We are thrilled to say the least! And I got all my info from this board, everything I used was available here, except for (ofcourse) his medical records. This is a wonderful site, which I will be recommending to anyone I know who is applying.  - housewife (approved 2011)

Hello, After reading all of your replies, I want to thank each and everyone of you for you kind words and encouragement. I would give each and everyone of you a big fat hug if I could. I have read all of your posts and cried till I had no more tears left to shed. I didn't cry for me, but I cried because of people that I have never met personally, cared enough to respond and listen to me and my problems. Since my last post I have called the suicide hotline that was suggested to me and I have an appointment with a local therapist. I also went back to my General Practitioner today and discussed my problems in a little more depth with him. He is one of the doctors that said under no circumstances would he help me with my disability case. As I was walking out of the doctors office my GP stopped me and said "Here I have something for you", It was some paperwork, I asked him "Is this the paperwork that I need to take with me down to texas", He said "No, it is just some paperwork for you". As I walked out to my truck, I looked down at the paperwork and it was a complete statement about all of my problems and it stated "CHRONIC" on everyone of them. This is the first time I have had a smile on my face for as long as I can remember. I took this information right down to my attorney immediately and you should of seen the smile on her face, She said "This is the information that I have been waiting for, I am going to get this turned into Disability Determinations immediately".  If it wasn't for all of you wonderful people on this site to motivate me into doing this, it would of never happened! I hope that in the future I can help others as you all have helped me. God Bless All Of You! - Mr. Fusion (approved 2011)

We're approved!!!  We received a phone call yesterday from our attorney who had received a call from the ALJ.  He did an OTR ("On The Record review") and approved my husband.  So no more waiting for the second ALJ hearing!  After the phone call, we stood around hugging each other and shaking like a leaf.  So after a 2 year 6 month process, we finally did it.  I am so surprised at the release of stress.  I didn't know just how much!  I still plan to be a frequent visitor here.  The suppport of this forum has been invaluable and I plan to pay it forward.  Much love and prayers to all of you,
Many blessings to all on this board.  The people at SSDFacts are wonderful.  One more thing to be thankful for!! - qeqivah (approved 2010)

There many great things about this site, of course the people are the best and most important thing about the site.  It's kinda like a big shade tree out in the middle of a desert, it's a retreat, a hideway, just a good place to come let off a little frustration.  This site fits like a glove, who to better understand what you are going through, than someone that is going through the same thing.  Bertman (approved 2011)

For the first time in a very very long time I can say...i'm not alone.....it feels amazing.  Thank you all. - uskev (applied 2011)

I'm brand new to this site. I spent last night reading through an entire thread about when to expect to receive backpay. I finished reading it this morning.  Also, about a month ago I received the SSA Work History, History of Daily Living, and Pain forms. I researched them on this site and followed the advice of many of the members when answering the questions on those forms. I have you all to thank for your insight and your willingness to share your opinions and knowledge with me. It is because of all of you that my questions were answered thus relieving me of anxiety ridden days and nights. I wish all of you the best, and I will continue to contribute as much as I can to this.  - Meghan (approved 2011)

I find it is best when looking for support and understanding to turn to those who share your struggles, understand your hardships and encourage your success. That is why this is such a great place. This forum is composed of people that have been down the road you are traveling. Some folks are in front of you, some behind you and everyone is beside you. You can use this site for learning, sharing and venting.  My advice to you... hold your head high, you paid for it (in more ways than one).  - Waiting2011 (approved 2011)