Concurrent SSDI/SSI Back Pay Calculator
This Calculator was created by
to assist our members in estimating their Concurrent SSDI/SSI back pay*.
To use this calculator follow the steps below:    
1. Enter the date of your application:          
  Ex: 1/1/09      
2. Enter the date Social Security has listed as your onset date which is the date they ruled your disability started:          
  Ex: 1/1/09      
3. Enter the date of you were approved:          
  Ex: 1/1/09      
4. Enter your monthly SSDI benefit amount:**          
  Ex: 950 or 950.00 (Do not use $ symbol)    
5. If you have dependents under 18 years of age (or 19 and full-time student), check the box by clicking in it.   Yes          
6. If you are eligible for SSI during the SSDI waiting period, check this box.   Yes          
7. Enter Monthly SSI Benefit          
  (Leave Blank if for SSDI waiting period only) Ex: 950 or 950.00 (Do not use $ symbol)    
8. If an attorney has represented you at an ALJ hearing, check this box.   Yes          
9. Use Buttons at bottom to Recalculate, Clear Form & Print                
Back Pay Results    
  First Full month after Application              
  First Full month after Established Onset              
  Number of Retroactive Months              
  Five-Month Waiting Period Begins ( 17 months maximum)      
  SSDI Benefits Begin (12 months maximum)      
  SSI Benefits Begin              
  Today's Date              
  Backpay calculated to ***          
  SSDI Months Backpay              
  SSI during SSDI 5-Month Waiting Period            
  SSI Months Backpay (After waiting period)              
  SSDI Back Pay          
  Auxiliary (Dependent) Back Pay          
  SSI Waiting Period Back Pay        
  SSI Back Pay          
  Less Attorney Fees          
  Total Estimated Back Pay          
  For Period (SSDI - See SSI Begin date above) to          
  First SSI Installment (approx date) $ ****        
  Second SSI Installment (approx date) $ ****        
  Third SSI Installment (approx date) $ ****        
* This program is only an estimate. It does not figure in any repayments, offsets or other issues that may affect the back pay amounts.     
** If you do not know your SSDI monthly benefit amount you can use Social Security's back pay calculators located here: .    
*** This program will show estimated back pay through the end of last month.    
**** Installments 1 and 2 are estimated based on 2012 FBR for individual, and do not include state assistance reimbursements. Each of the first and second installment payments cannot exceed 3 times the FBR. Dates are estimated from Date Approved.     
  Please contact us with any questions or concerns at or