SSA Acronyms
A-B     C     D     E-F     G-J     K-N     O     P-Q     R-S     T-Z
A - B  
  AAJ Administrative Appeals Judge
  AARF Additional Adjusted Reduction Factor
  ABO Adjusted Blind Onset
  AC Appeals Council
  ACCESS Automated Controlled Correspondence Extraction System
  Act Social Security Act
  ADAP Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient
  ADL Activities of daily living
  ADP Automated Data Processing
  ADS (SSA) Area Directors
  AEQY Alpha Access to Employer Identification Query
  AERO Annual Earning Reappraisal Operation 
  AET Annual Earnings Test
  AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  AFGE American Federation of Government Employees
  AFIA Assets for Independence Act
  AG Attorney General
  AIDS Acquired immune-deficiency syndrome
  AIME Average Indexed Monthly Earnings
  AIMS Administrative Instructions Manual System
  AJS Automated Job Stream
  ALC Agency Location Code
  ALJ Administrative Law Judge
  ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  AM Administrative Message
  AME Average Monthly Earnings
  AMT Amount
  AMW Average Monthly Wage
  AOI Adequacy of incentives
  AP Alternate Participant
  APA Administrative Procedures Act
  APP Annual Performance Plan
  APR Annual Performance Report
  ARC Assistant Regional Commissioner
  ARF Adjusted Reduction Factor
  AUX Auxiliary Benificiary
  AUX-D Auxiliary (Spouse, Widow(er), Divorced, Child, etc.) Benefits (DIB)
  AUX-R Auxiliary (Spouse, Widow(er), Divorced, Child, etc.) Benefits (RSI)
  AWIC Area Work Incentive Coordinator
  BC Birth certificate
  BENDEX Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange
  BEOG Basic Educational Opportunity Grants
  BIC Beneficiary Identification Code
  BL Black Lung
  BMI Body mass index
  BOC Bureau of the Census
  BOS Branch Offices
  BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement
  BPAO Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach Program
  BPQY Benefits Planning Query
  BRI Benefit Rate Increase
  BSO Business Services Online
  BUCS Bounty Update Control System
  BVS Bureau of Vital Statistics
  BWE Blind Work Expenses
  CAL Compassionate Allowance
  CAN Claimant"s account number
  CAP Community Action Program
  CAPI Computer-assisted personal interview
  CATI Computer-assisted telephonel interview
  CC Citizenship certificate
  CCSA Career Consulting Services of America (one of the case study ENs)
  CDB Childhood Disability Benefit
  CDB-D Childhood Disability Benefits (DIB)
  CDB-R Childhood Disability Benefits (RSI)
  CDC Centers for Disease Control (HHS)
  CDI  Cooperative Disability Investigations
  CDR Continuing Disability review
  CDRCF Continuing Disability Review Control File
  CE Consultative examination
  CEF Certified Electronic Folder
  CENSUS Census Bureau
  CESSI Cherry Engineering Support Systems, Inc.
  CEXMAR Current Excess Money Amount of Reduction
  CFM Combined Family Maximum
  CFO Chief Financial Officer
  CFR Code of Federal Regulations
  CHAMPUS Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
  CICS Customer Information Control System
  CIO Chief Information Officer 
  CIP Classification of Instructional Program
  CIRP  Comprehensive Integrity Review Process
  CMA Current Month Accrual
  CMAR Current Money Amount of Reduction
  CMBA Current Monthly Benefit Amount
  CMP Current Monthly Payment
  CMPPA Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act
  CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  CO Certifying Officer
  COA  Change of Address
  COL Cost-of-Living
  COLA Cost-of-Living Adjustment
  COM Current Operating Month
  COPP Certification outcomes payment process
  CORC Central Office Redetermination Control System
  COSS Commissioner of Social Security
  CPI Consumer Price Index
  CPIA Current Primary Insurance Amount
  CPI-W Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers
  CPMS  Case Processing Management System
  CPS Critical Payment System
  CPS Current Population Survey
  CR Civil Registry
  CR Continuing Resolution
  CREX Current Reduced Excess
  CS Civil Service
  CSA Civil Service Annuity
  CSAMT Civil Service Amount
  CSAMTEFFDT Civil Service Amount Effective Date
  CSAVR  Council of State Administrators for Vocational Rehabilitation
  CSAWDTE Civil Service Award Date
  CSC Computer Sciences Corporation
  CSCAN Civil Service Claim Number
  CSDOE Civil Service Date of Eligibility
  CSE Child support enforcement
  CSRS Civil Service Retirement System
  CSWEP Civil Service Windfall Elimination Provision
  CUR Current Unreduced Rate
  CUREX Current Unreduced Excess
  CW Covered Wages
  CWIC Community Work Incentives Coordinator
  CWOSS Comprehensive Work Opportunities Support System
  CY Computation Years
  CY Calendar Year 
  DA&A Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
  DAB Departmental Appeals Board (HHS)
  DACUS  Death Alert, Control and Update System
  DBCA Division of Benefit Certification and Accounting
  DC Disabled Child
  DCA Division of Civil Actions
  DCComm Deputy Commissioner for Communications
  DCDISP Deputy Commissioner for Disability and Income Security Programs
  DCF Disability Control File
  DCFAM Deputy Commissioner for Finance, Assessment, and Management
  DCHR Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources
  DCN Double Check Negotiation
  DCO Deputy Commissioner for Operations
  DCOSS Deputy Commissioner of Social Security
  DCS Deputy Commissioner for Systems
  DD Direct Deposit
  DDS Disability Determination Service
  DEFRA Deficit Reduction Act of 1984
  DEO Data Entry Officer
  DEQY Detailed Earnings Query
  DGS  Document Generation System
  DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
  DHS Department of Homeland Security
  DI Department of Immigration
  DI Disability Insurance (under Title II of the Social Security Act)
  DIB Disability Insurance Benefits
  DIB Data Integrity Board
  DIB  Disability Insurance Benefits
  DICARS Disability Case Adjudication and Review System
  DLI Date Last Insured
  DM Direct Mail
  DM Divisor Months
  DMA Document Management Architecture
  DMAX Disability Family Maximum
  DMF Death Master File
  DNH Deceased Number Holder
  DO District Office
  DOB Date of Birth
  DOC Data Operations Center
  DOD Department of Defense
  DOE Department of Energy
  DOEd Department of Education
  DOF Date of Filing
  DOFA District Office Final Authorization 
  DOI Department of the Interior
  DOJ Department of Justice
  DOL Department of Labor
  DOST Date of Suspension Termination
  DOT Department of Transportation
  DP Diplomatic posts (includes Embassies and consulates)
  DPN Disability Program Navigator
  DQB Disability Qualty Branch
  DRC Delayed Retirement Credit
  DRS Disability Review Section
  DT Department of Treasury
  DUMAS Daily Update Master Accounting System
  DVA (VA) Department of Veterans Affairs
  DWB Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits
E - F  
  EA Exempt Amount
  EARN Employer Assistance Referral Network
  EC Modernized Claim System Earnings Computation
  EDCS Electronic Disability Collect System
  eDG Electronic Disability Guide
  eDIB Electronic Disability
  EE Excess Earnings
  EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
  EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  EES Employment and Employer Services (one of the case study ENs)
  EF Electronic Folder
  EFI Electronic Folder Interface
  EFOIA Electronic Freedom of Information Act
  EFT Electronic Fund Transfers
  EIN Employer Identification Number
  EITC Earned Income Tax Credit
  EM Emergency Message
  EN Employment Network
  EPE Extended Period of Eligibility
  ER Earning Record
  ERB Employer Reporting Branch
  ERE Electronic Records Express
  ERSEI Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income
  ES Executive Staff
  ESF  Earnings Suspense File
  ESLO Employer Service Liaison Officer
  ESR Extended Support Representative
  ESRD End-Stage Renal Disease
  ET Earnings Test
  EVS Employee Verification Services
  EXR Expedited Reinstatement
  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  FAS Financial Accounting System
  FBR Federal Benefit Rate
  FCER Full Claims Earnings Record
  FCMHSA Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969
  FDD Foreign Direct Deposit
  FDDS Federal Disability Determination Services
  FECA Federal Employees' Compensation Act
  FECS Front End Capture System
  FEHBP Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan
  FERS Federal Employees' Retirement System
  FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  FICA  Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  FISMA  Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002
  FMAX Family Maximum
  FNS Food and Nutrition Service (USDA)
  FO Field Office
  FOI Freedom of Information
  FOIA Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552)
  FPL Federal Poverty Level
  FPLS Federal Parent Locator Service
  FRA Full Retirement Age
  FRBNY Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
  FRC Federal Records Center
  FSF Folder Staging Facility
  FSP Foreign Service Post
  FTE Fulltime Equivalent
  FTS Federal Telecommunications System
  FY Fiscal Year
  FZ Freeze Only
G - J  
  GAO Government Accountability Office
  GARN Garnishments
  GC General Counsel
  GOALS Government On- Line Accounting System
  GPO Government Printing Office
  GPO Government Pension Offset
  GPRA Government Performance and Results Act
  GRH Graham-Rudman-Hollings amendment 
  GS  General Schedule
  GSA General Services Administration
  GY Grace Year
  HALLEX  Hearings, Appeals Law Litigation
  HCFA Health Care Financing Administration
  HCK Hold Check- A hold placed in the system for payments not due.
  HHS Health and Human Services
  HI Health Insurance
  HI Hospital Insurance
  HIV Human immunodeficiency virus
  HO Hearing Office
  HOPE  Homeless Outreach Projects and Evaluation
  HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
  I&R Income and Resources
  IA Independence Account
  IAA Interagency Agreement
  IADL Instrumental activities of daily living
  IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement
  IAR  Interim Assistance Agreement
  IASMI Indexes of Administrative Staff Manuals and Instructions
  IC Identity card
  ICF Interactive Computation Facility
  IDA Individual Development Account
  IDMS Integrated Disability Management System
  IDR Integrated Disability Resources (one of the case study ENs)
  IDR Internet Disability Report
  IEDS Independently entitled divorced spouse
  IEIE Earned Income Exclusion
  IFPTE International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers
  IFR Interim Final Rule
  IG Inspector General
  IIHI Individually Identifiable Health Information
  INA Immigration and Nationality Act 
  INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
  INTPSC International Program Service Center
  IPE Individualized Plan for Employment
  IRC Internal Revenue Code (Title 26, U.S.C.)
  IRCA Immigration Reform and Control Act 
  IRCS Incarceration Report Control System
  IRD Interim Review Draft
  IRES Integrated Registration Services
  IRMAA Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount
  IRMAA-D Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount for prescription drug coverage
  IRS Internal Revenue Service
  IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expenses
  ITAB Information Technology Advisory Board
  IU Internet User
  IVT Interactive Video Training
  IWAG Income/Wages
  IWMS Integrated Workload Management System
  IWP Individual Work Plan
  IWRP Individual Written Rehabilitation Program
  JWOD Javits Wagner O’Day program         
K - N  
  KBA Knowledge-Based Authentication
  LAE Limitation on Administrative Expenses
  LAN  Local Access Network
  LAPR Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residence
  LCE Life Changing Event
  LDW Left Due to Work
  LIEAP Low-Income Energy Assistance Program
  LS Litigation Staff
  LSDP Lump Sum Death Payment
  MAC Medicare Appeals Council in HHS
  MADCAP Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Processes 
  MAGI Modified Adjusted Gross Income
  MA-PD Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drug coverage
  MAR Money Amount of Reduction
  MBA Monthly Benefit Amount
  MBC Monthly Benefit Credited
  MBP Monthly Benefit Payable
  MBR Master Beneficiary Record
  MCDR CDR Suspension
  MCS Modernized Claim System
  MDF Modular Disability Folder
  MDF  Modular Disability Folder
  MDW  Modernized Development Worksheet
  MEF Master Earnings File
  MER Medical Evidence of Record
  MET Monthly Earnings Test
  MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  MFB Maximum Family Benefit
  MI Ministry of the Interior
  MIE Medical improvement expected (as determined by SSA)
  MIRS Medical Improvement Review Standard
  MISCOR Miscellaneous Correction Program
  MJ Ministry of Justice
  MOE Month of Entitlement
  MOE Month of Election
  MOET Month of Entitlement
  MOU Memorandum of Understanding
  MPR Mathematica Policy Research
  MQGE Medicare for Qualified Government Employees
  MRCS Misuse Restitution Control System
  MRPF Master Representative Payee File
  MRTW Modernized Return to Work software
  MSSICS Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System
  MSSR Minimum Sole Survivor Rate
  NAPAS National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
  NARA National Archives and Records Administration
  NASI National Academy of Social Insurance
  NBS National Beneficiary Survey
  NC Naturalization certificate
  NCC National Computer Center
  NE Net Earnings
  NEXMAR New Excess Money Amount of Reduction
  NH Number holder (person assigned a particular social security number)
  NMAR New Money Amount of Reduction
  NMBA New Monthly Benefit Amount
  NOP Number of Payments
  NPIA New Primary Insurance Amount
  NPRM Notice of proposed rule making
  NS New Start
  NS Non-Service Month
  NTEU National Treasury Employees Union
  NTSC  Notice to Show Cause
  NUMIDENT Numerical Identification
  NUR New Unreduced Rate
  NUREX New Unreduced Excess
  O/P Overpayment
  OACT Office of the Actuary
  OACT  Office of the Chief Actuary
  OAG Office of Acquisitions and Grants        
  OAO Office of Appeals Operations
  OAPQ Office of Assistance Program Quality
  OARF Original Additional Reduction Factor
  OASDI Old-Age, Survivor's and Disability Insurance
  OASI Old-Age and Survivor's Insurance
  OB Original Benefit
  OB Office of Budget
  OC Office of the Commissioner
  OCO Office of Central Operations
  OCPR Office of Claims and Payment Requirements
  OCREO Office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity
  OCRO Office of Central Records Operations
  OCSE Office of Child Support Enforcement
  OD Office of Disability
  ODAR Office of Disability Adjudication and Review
  ODCP Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Programs
  ODD Office of Disability Determinations
  ODIO Office of Disability and International Operations
  ODO Office of Disability Operations
  ODP Office of Disability Programs 
  ODP Office of Disclosure Policy
  OEO Office of Earnings Operations
  OESP Office of Employment Support Programs
  OFin Office of Finance
  OFM Office of Financial Management
  OFO Office of Financial Operations
  OFPO Office of Financial Policy and Operations
  OFPSD Office of Financial Policy and Systems Design
  OGC Office of the General Counsel
  OHA Office of Hearings and Appeals
  OIG Office of the Inspector General
  OIM Office of Information Management
  OLCA Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs
  OM Office of Management
  OMB Office of Management and Budget
  OMHA Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals in HHS
  OMPI Office of Operations Management and Program Integration
  OP Office of Policy
  OpB Operations Bulletin
  OPE Office of Personnel
  OPI Office of Public Inquiries
  OPIR Office of Program and Integrity Reviews
  OPIRQS Office of Program and Integrity Quality Review Specialists
  OPIRSOS Office of Program and Integrity Satellite Office Specialists
  OPLM Office of Publications and Logistics Management
  OPM Office of Personnel Management
  OPR Office of Pre-Claims Requirements
  OQA Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment
  ORC Office of the Regional Commissioner
  ORDP Office of Retirement and Disability Policy
  ORF Original Reduction Factor
  ORS Office of Research and Statistics
  ORSI Office of Retirement and Survivors Insurance
  ORSIS Office of Retirement and Survivor Insurance Systems
  OS Office of Systems
  OS Old Start
  OSDD Office of Systems Design and Development
  OSM Operations Support Manager
  OSO Office of Systems Operations
  OSPI Office of Strategic Planning and Integration
  OSR Office of Systems Requirements
  OSSI Office of Supplemental Security Income
  OT Overtime
  OTA Office of Tax Analysis
P - Q  
  P&A Protection and Advocacy System
  PA Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a)
  PABSS Protection and Advocacy to Beneficiaries of Social Security
  PAR Performance and Accountability Report
  PASS Plan for Achieving Self-Support
  PC Processing Center
  PC Program Circular
  PCCDR Personal Computer Continuing Disability Review
  PC-CDR Personal Computer Continuing Disability Review software
  PCI Payment Cycle Intercepts
  PCOM  Personal Communications program
  PD Presumptive Disability
  P-D Disability determination for parent-child filing on earnings record of grandparent (DIB NH)
  PDM Permanent Deduction Month
  PDP Prescription Drug Plan
  PEBES Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
  PEPPER Post-Entitlement Premium Payment and Enrollment 
  PESS Property Essential for Self-Support
  PHS Public Health Service
  PIA Primary Insurance Amount
  PIB Primary Insurance Benefit
  PIFC Primary Insurance Amount Factor Code
  PII  Personally Identifiable Information
  PIN Personal Identification Number
  PL Public Law
  PLS Parent Locator Service
  PM Predictive Model
  PM Program Manager
  PM Per Month
  PMA Prior Month Accrual
  PMRO Program Manager for Recruitment and Outreach
  PMRS Performance Management and Recognition System
  POMS Program Operations Manual System
  POS Program Operations and Systems
  POTUS President of the United States
  POW  Prisoner of War
  P-R Disability determination for parent-child filing on earnings record of grandparent (RSI NH)
  PRO Peer Review Organization
  PSC Program Service Center
  PSRO Professional Standards Review Organization
  PSU Primary sampling unit
  PUPS Prisoner Update Processing System
  PY Premium Year
  PY Per Year
  QA Quality Assurance
  QC Quarter of Coverage
  QDD Quick Disability Determination 
R - S  
  RC Registration certificate
  RC Regional Commissioner
  RC ALJ Regional Chief Administrative Law Judge
  RCO Report Clearance Officer
  RCT Report Clearance Team
  RD End Stage Renal Disease - Claimant receiving monthly benefits on own SSN or not receiving monthly benefits
  RD-D End Stage Renal Disease - Claimant receiving auxiliary benefits on the SSN of a spouse or parent entitled to DIB
  RD-R End Stage Renal Disease - Claimant receiving RSI benefits on spouse's or parent's SSN
  REG TRAN Regular Transcript - Monthly Update Master Beneficiary Record Merge (MUMBRMRG)
  REVTER Reversal of Termination
  RF Reduction Factor
  RFC Regional Finance Center
  RFPA Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978
  RH  Request for Hearing
  RIB Retirement Insurance Benefits
  RIF Reduction In Force
  RIS Redetermination Information System
  RMA Referral and Monitoring Agency
  RO Regional Office
  ROAR Recovery of Overpayments, Accounting and Reporting
  ROC Record of Change
  RP Representative Payee
  RPS  Representative Payee System
  RRB Railroad Retirement Board
  RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration
  RSDI Retirement and Survivors Disability Insurance
  RSI Retirement and Survivors Insurance
  RTC Regional Ticket Coordinator
  RUIA Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act
  RUSB Records Use and Services Branch
  SAW Special Agricultural Worker
  SBA Small Business Administration
  SCMAX Saving Clause Maximum
  SCS Sensitive Case Staff
  SDR Structured Data Repository
  SDU State Disbursement Units
  SDW  Special Disability Workload
  SDX State Data Exchange
  SE Self Employment
  SEI Self Employment Income
  SEIE Student Earned Income Exclusion
  SEQY Summary Earnings Query
  SER Summary Earnings Record
  SGA Substantial Gainful Activity
  SMI Supplementary Medical Insurance
  SOBER Separate Operation for Billing Entitlement and Remittances
  SOC Sub Object Classification
  SOLQ State Online Query
  SP Special Payment
  SPA Special Payment Amount
  SPI State Partnership Initiative
  SPS Single Payment System - DT Financial Management System
  SPW State Partnership Waiver
  SRBI Schulman, Ronca and Bucuvalas, Inc.
  SRF Source Reference File
  SS Substantial Services
  SSA Social Security Administration
  SSAB Social Security Advisory Board
  SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance
  SSI Supplemental Security Income (Title XVI of the Social Security Act)
  SSN Social Security Number
  SSR Supplemental Security Record
  SVB Special Veterans’ Benefits
  SVES State Verification Exchange System
  SVRA State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
  SWP Special Wage Payment
T - Z  
  TANF Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
  TIN Tax identification number
  TN Transmittal Notice
  TPQY Third Party Query System
  TPS Temporary Protected Status 
  TRF Ticket Research File
  TSC Teleservice Center
  TSO Time Share Option
  TSP Thrift Savings Plan
  TSPS Treasury’s Secure Payment Systems
  TT Teletype
  TTH Ticket to Hire          
  TTPI Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
  TTW Ticket to Work
  TWP Trial Work Period
  TWP  Trial Work Period
  TY Taxable Year
  U/P Underpayment
  UC Unemployment compensation
  UIRWA Unearned Income Exclusion
  USC United States Code
  USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
  USPS U.S. Postal Service
  UWA Unsuccessful Work Attempt
  VA Department of Veterans Affairs
  VEMASS Vocational Consultant/Medical Advisor Services Staff
  VR Vocational Rehabilitation
  VRRMS Vocational rehabilitation Reimbursement Management System
  W/E Wage Earner
  WBDOC Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center
  WC Workers" compensation
  WC/PDB Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit
  WEP Windfall Elimination Provision
  WIA Workforce Improvement Act
  WIAP Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Advisory Panel
  WIB Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefit
  WIL Work incentive liaison
  WINDEX Widow(er)'s Indexing
  WIPA Work Incentives Planning and Assistance
  WISE Work Incentives Seminar Events
  WNRC Washington National Records Center
  YOC Year of Coverage